A storm is brewing over Phnom Penh. On Cambodia election eve the heavy smell of rain floats the streets of Cambodia’s capital while protesters burn Military Police trucks nearby the city centre in Stung Meanchey district. However, tempers calmed down.

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Blog Sarah Thust„Explosions as truck consumed by flames. MPs are not happy,“ journalist Kevin Doyle twitters. Social media are in wide use at the riot.

Polling stations for Cambodia’s fifth national election closed at 3 pm. Many voters complained they were unable to find their names on official voter lists, local election monitors said. Others arrived at polling stations only to find that votes had already been cast under their name.

Crayons were used at some polling stations, the indelible ink was delible, people hindered Cambodian-Vietnamese voters to cast their votes in some districts.

So far, the Cambodia election was neither free nor fair, but mostly peaceful. Now, the clouds disappeared, calming quick tempers.

Comfrel will hold its press conference on election results tomorrow. The opposition party already is convinced: „We won!“

So far, Military Police is holding distance.

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* Opposition party CNRP says this a victorious day for the whole country and to wait for results, but no official results yet; press conference of the NEC at 8h30pm, neighbors next to my house applaud *