I will whisk you away from the beaten track. Join me on the journey to a country, that has surprised me with its dynamic. Why should you travel to Cambodia? Why would almost every traveler love to stay here? What stories can you discover? Follow my blog and you’ll understand …

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Blog Sarah ThustMy reporting here on politics, economy, people, culture and tourism has often left me astonished and speechless. Who dares the long journey to Cambodia is in danger; in danger to get sucked into its wonders. Living here is too fascinating.

  • „Politics & Economy“: German reporting on Cambodia is very limited. However, the country’s economic and political landscape is vivid and tense.
  • „Country & People“: Cambodia’s young and creative population calls for change. During my travels I repeatedly stumble across interesting individualists and impressive landscapes.
  • „Culture & Tourism“: For tourists, backpackers and those interested in finding information about events, trends and unusual destinations in Cambodia.

Here is an overview of the final categories (last update 15/04/2020):