Founded in June 2012, Miracle e-zine, is a literary and art magazine. It is a bi-monthly magazine for and by writers and publishes works by emerging/ established writers from around the world. “Life is a circle” is a simple short story by Sarah Thust.

“Surrounded by shadows he woke up. Nothing was clear. His head felt as though it would explode. Just 12 years old Michael Marone woke up at the intensive care unit, it became the day of his rebirth. Running through a dark tunnel accompanied by swollen voices he felt his heart beating.

His environment became clearer and a person was staring in his eyes. He wanted to crawl away, but his body was paralyzed. This statuesque woman framed by dark brown, curly hair started talking. With crossed arms she announced: “Michael, I have to go to a meeting now. Carin will take care of you. Have a nice day.” “Who are you?”, he asked. She turned to the doctor and said: “Obviously you have to treat him longer. See you tomorrow, Michael.” One hand raised she left the room, leaving a spare of high-class perfume. This was the first time he met his mother.

During the following hour the doctor explained to him, obsessed with telling all details, that he lost his long-term memory due to an accident. The right temporal lobe of his cerebrum was severely injured and not even the experts could estimate the full consequences.

“The accident obviously erased the autobiographical data from your memory. You may even never be able again to memorize the happenings in your life. Your knowledge, in contrast, seems to be intact”, the doctor said. Subsequently he promised him the best treatment and assured the respect he has for Michael’s parents. While his ears listened to the lecture of this tall, charismatic man in the blank coat, the lawn in the yard absorbed Michael’s attention.

A girl in a red dress was standing there, in the luscious green. She stood immobile and looked at her feet, where a butterfly sat. The wind combed her long chocolate brown hair and her eyes were dark of thoughts. As the butterfly flew away she lifted her head and her gaze stopped at Michael’s ice blue eyes. She flinched and her small body carried her away with the wind. The girl disappeared so fast that Michael believed her to be part of a dream, but the feeling that she came for him remained. […]”